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This album is (other than one song) different from my usual music for this project. It's not indicative of a new direction, just something special for Halloween. Tracks 4 and 5 are old songs I did a while ago that I'm putting on to make up for two tracks that were supposed to be on here but for various reasons can't.


released October 31, 2014

Programming on all tracks: me
Vocals on tacks 3 and 4: me
Guitar on tracks 2-5: me
All songs written by me except for track 5.



all rights reserved


Q Ostrander, Ohio

I make music on my laptop.

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Track Name: The Night
The shapes in the moonlight looking for prey
I think they found us here in our rooms
You can try to hide but it will do no good
Try as you might you'll never escape their grasp

They're everywhere
Someone Please help Me
I don't know who's human
What's going on
I don't want to die
Get me out of here

They smell your blood like a shark in the water
I don't know how long we can run
Even I can only hide so long

They only come out at night
You must sleep during the day
Don't let them touch you
One bit me
I can feel the disease
I want blood

Come here darling
Don't be afraid
I'll be the one
To Keep the monsters at bay

I feel the hunger
It's getting stronger
I cannot fight it
I need to feed
I'll kill you to live
My love, I'll drink your blood

Do doo doo, do doo doo dooo (4x)

Come here my love
And let us share
One last embrace in the sun's light
For tonight
We Shall become
Creatures of the night
Come here
I won't let them stake you
I won't let them stake you
I won't let them stake you
We will live forever